Mary Slominski, LIMHP, LADC, CMSW - Services
Mary Slominski, LIMHP, LADC, CMSW - Outpatient Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Therapy Services
Life can bring unexpected problems and stress into your every day life.  While some stress is useful as energizing and motivating, too much can cause the feeling of being out of control.  The way you respond to stress can either solve the issue or unfortunately lead to more problems.  Sometimes even if things are going well, unresolved events, relationships or emotions from the past can continue to affect you and your life.  Mary Slominski is willing and able to help you deal with life's challenges.
Mary is an experienced and dedicated professional, who strives to combine Biblical principals and precepts with sound psychological theories and accepted counseling techniques.  She utilizes a variety of therapies including cognitive/behavioral, rational emotive, insight-oriented and Theophostics.
MSC offers services to:
  •  Children starting at age 3
  •  Adolescents
  •  Adults
  •  Groups
  •  Individuals
  •  Families
  •  Couples
  •  Deaf and Hard of Hearing
MSC provide services for:
  •  depression
  •  anxiety
  •  eating disorders
  •  chemical addictions
  •  past trauma
  •  abuse issues
  •  grief / loss issues
  •  marriage counseling
  •  dissociative disorders
  •  personality disorders
  •  life's stressors
  •  managing mental health issues
  •  boundary problems
  •  coping with infertility
  •  spiritual abuse
Mary is able to communicate in Sign Language, and therefore also serves the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community.
Mary is a provider for most insurances,  and is a direct Tri-Care provider, therefore no referral from your doctor is needed.
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